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Molybdenum Crucible Liner

Molybdenum crucible liner is another name for molybdenum crucible. Compared with ceramic crucible, they own more benefits in machinery and rare earth industry. Molybdenum is more resistant to thermal shock because of its lower thermal expansion and higher thermal conductivity. While ceramic crucible liners are relatively poor thermal shock resistance due to higher coefficients of thermal expansion and lower thermal conductivity.Therefore molybdenum liners offer a longer average lifespan. Most of our company’s molybdenum crucible liners are specifically designed to increase the evaporation rate, and prevent wetting or alloying.

The most common cause of molybdenum crucible liner breakage is thermal shock. Therefore, because of molybdenum’s properties, which are shown in the following table, molybdenum crucible is rather better choice to prevent crucibles from breaking. Overfilling a liner can cause the evaporate material to "spill over" the liner onto the water-cooled crucible surface. This causes an increased thermal stress across the liner and in most cases will cause it to crack or shatter. So that, molybdenum crucible with a cover is used.


Molybdenum Characteristics:

· high strength

· corrosion resistance

· stiffness at high temperatures

· electrical resistivity

· good thermal conductivity

· low emissivity

· low thermal expansion               

· low vapor pressure


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