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Molybdenum Crucible in Resistance Furnace

Molybdenum crucible is used in a resistance furnace to increase the lifetime of crucible. While a resistance furnace has the advantage of good temperature control, molybdenum crucible is stiffness at high temperatures, which is benefit for the operation of resistance furnace.

molybdenum crucible in furnace
  1. Double-vacuum furnace with molybdenum crucible which contains an inexpensive, removable molybdenum liner to increase life of the crucible.
  2. Shutter, shaft-mounted onto a linear actuator with 1 inch of travel.
  3. 1.33 inch flange with flex-line connected to analytical vacuum system.
  4. 1.33 inch flange equipped with 0.75 inch zero-length viewport for visual examination of funnel assembly.
  5. VAT Series 48 all-metal gate valve with sapphire window welded into the valve. Provides for visual examination of crucible floor during sample heating.
  6. Shutter shaft-mounted onto a linear actuator with 1" of travel. Shutter is equipped with cup to catch any stray sample grains and a 0.25" diameter in-vacuo mirror. The mirror is mounted to provide viewing access, through a zero-length viewport (similar to 4), to the bottom of the crucible during sample heating.
  7. Rotary actuator driven by a DC stepper motor.
  8. 1.33" flange on opposite side of drawing. Provides access to non-analytical "roughing" section.
  9. Linear actuator driven by a DC stepper motor.

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